2017 ADHD Women's Palooza Affiliates

Coaching: ADHD and/or Life

ADHD Marriage

Melissa Orlov, Coaching & Counseling

ADHD Memphis

Mark Miller

Anne Marie Nantais

Anne Marie Nantais

Artful Coaching

Sydney Metrick

Ascend Counseling PA

Marjorie Johnson

Attention Lab

Lara Hernandez

Barbara Lipscomb Coaching

Barbara Lipscomb

Bravo Life Coaching

Kathy Sussell

Cameron Gott Coaching

Cameron Gott

Career Coach Mentor

Wilma Fellman, M.Ed., LPC

Christine Pollock Coaching

Christine Pollock

DIG Coaching Practice

Jeff Copper, PCAC, PCC, MBA

Dixon Life Coaching

Casey Dixon

Fantastically Focused

Jennifer Kampfe

Free to Be Coaching

Linda Swanson

Getting Clear

Linda Anderson

Heightened Focus

Bobby Vierra

JST Coaching

Jodi Sleeper-Triplett

Judith Champion

Judith Champion

Judy MacNamee

Judy MacNamee

Mindy Schwartz Katz

Mindy Schwartz Katz

Move Forward with ADHD

Julie Janorschke

My Attention Coach

Laura Rolands

My Personal Business Coach

Shelly Mitchell

Pause Life Coaching

Carlene Bauwens

Roxanne Boughner

Roxanne Boughner, Coaching & Counseling

Take Flight Coaching

Robin Storfer

Think Better Pro

Wendy Passer

Untapped Brilliance

Jacqueline Sinfield

Untapped Brilliance

Jacqueline Sinfield

Your ADD Answers

DeShawn Wert

Wind Beneath Your Wings

Barbara Luther

Coach Training

Licensed Clinicians

ADHD Center for Success

Rudy Rodriguez

ADHD reWired

Eric Tivers

Dr. Ellen Littman

Ellen Littman, Ph.D.

The Hallowell Centers

Edward Hallowell, M.D.

Stephanie Sarkis

Stephanie Sarkis, Ph.D.

The Sex Doctor LLC

Amanda Pasciucco

Parent Education, Support, Training, and Mentoring


Elaine Taylor-Klaus, CPCC

PTS Coaching: ADHD Education and Support

Cindy Goldrich, Ed. M., ACAC

Online ADHD Support Resources

ADD Crusher

Alan Brown

Tara McGillicuddy

Tara McGillicuddy

Totally ADD

Rick Green





Jackie Masek, Blogger

Queen of the Earth

Kirsten DiChiappari, Social Media Consultant & Blogger

Wrist Lists

Ryan Lonette