ADHD, LGBT, and Alternative Lifestyles

Presentation Date:  Thursday, February 9th   |     Presentation Time: 12 pm EST

How lesbian/bisexual women with ADHD have special challenges within their relationships that straight women who have ADHD do not have.

Licensed marriage and family therapist, AASECT certified sex therapist, LGBT ally, and self-proclaimed sexpert are just a few of the phrases to describe Amanda Pasciucco. From writing books on female sexuality, to juggling relationships, to being a professor, Amanda does it all. Named “sexually advanced for our field” by a tenured PhD professor and “the most erotic person to ever live” by a sex educator, Amanda has insights unlike anyone else around within the realm of relationships and sexuality. She understands the specifics of the ADHD brain and how it relates to the lesbian and alternative relationship community. Visit for more information.