Strategies to Remember

Presentation Date:  Tuesday, February 6th    |     Presentation Time: 1:00 pm EST

If you’ve ever left your wallet on the department store counter, forgotten where you parked your car, or searched all over for your misplaced phone – you’re not alone. It seems that memory problems come with the territory when you have ADD/ADHD. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Your memory is more under your control than you realize.

In this presentation, Dr. Kari Miller will share some of the most potent memory enhancing tools and tactics you need to become a memory master! You’ll come away with practical strategies you can implement immediately to improve your memory for names, conversations, directions, location of objects, and more! And you’ll also learn lifestyle factors – totally under your control – that make the biggest impact on your ability to “make memories”!

In this presentation you’ll learn the *real* differences between people with “good” memories and people with “poor” memories – HINT, it has very little to do with ability or talent, and is completely under your control! You’ll discover how to capitalize on your strengths to create the most effective mental frameworks for building strong memories! And you’ll learn targeted exercises to increase your memory “set point”!



Your Guide For Being On Time – Every Time (Video)

Running late is a common problem when you have ADHD. Whether for work, appointments, meetings, or fun events, ADHD traits presents a challenge to punctuality.

Being on time is certainly one important aspect of time management. Managing time throughout the day involves a complex set of behaviors that intertwine to determine how punctual we are.

In this video presentation (written transcript and audio download also included), Dr. Kari Miller shows you how to Be On Time – Every Time!

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About Kari Miller, Ph.D.

Dr. Kari Miller is an ADHD coach and educational therapist who helps women get more focused and organized so they get more done and finish what they start!

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