Scratchy, Loud, Bright, Tight: Sensory Overload & ADHD

Presentation Date:  Wednesday, February 7th    |     Presentation Time: 12:00 pm EST

Many women with ADHD feel “sensory” assaulted by their environment: lights are too bright. Tags on clothes feel like daggers to the skin. Perfume triggers migraines. A child’s whining can sound like a blaring siren. I will be discussing these sensory triggers and what women with ADHD can do about them.


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About Terry Matlen, ACSW

Terry Matlen, MSW, ACSW is a psychotherapist, consultant, writer, and coach, specializing in adult ADHD. She has a special interest in women with ADHD and parenting the ADHD child when one or both parents also has ADHD.

Terry is the author of two books: The Queen of Distraction and Survival Tips for Women with AD/HD and is the founder/ president of the internationally recognized, award winning website, She also runs QueensOfDistraction, an online group coaching program for women with ADHD, and offers a number of other online resources for women with ADHD.

A nationally-recognized expert and speaker on ADHD, she served for many years on the board of directors, including several as vice-president (currently serving on the PAB) of ADDA (Attention Deficit Disorders Association), is immediate past coordinator of the Eastern Oakland County CHADD (Children and Adults with ADHD) Chapter in Michigan, and is also the founder/moderator of the first and largest international listerv serving ADHD professionals.

She is certified through the Institute for the Advancement of ADHD Coaching as a Senior Certified Coach (SCAC).

Terry has been interviewed and quoted widely in such media as NPR, The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, US News and World Report, Newsday, The Today Show, CBS Morning News, The Today Show, The Jane Pauley Show, Ladies Home Journal, Glamour, and more.

She received an M.S.W. in Clinical Social Work and a B.S. in Art Education from Wayne State University.

You can find Terry on her websites at,