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ADHD Women’s Palooza was an extraordinary week of insight and answers, exclusively for ADHD women, presented by 31 distinguished experts in the field of ADHD women


Women's ADHD Legends and Luminaries

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  • terry_quote

    “I wish there had been a Palooza back in the ‘dark ages’ when ADHD in women was barely understood or recognized. I was diagnosed in my early 40s, when there were only a couple of books on the topic of ADHD and just one on ‘women’ with ADHD. I could have used the information you are getting here at the Palooza back then, instead of feeling so lost and misunderstood. Because of my experience, I decided to do whatever I could to help other women with ADHD find hope, inspiration and understanding.”

    — Terry Matlen

  • linda_quote

    “Since the first day I created the ADDiva Network, I wanted to host an ADHD women’s event. A place where we could talk and compare notes and cry and laugh and complain and encourage and…you get the idea. It’s taken a lot of years and many alterations in the format, but it’s here at last! I couldn’t be happier nor more proud of the week we have planned for you, capped with Saturday’s Pink Ticket event where we can finally talk to each other! I am thrilled you are part of the very first Palooza. Thank you and enjoy.”

    — Linda Roggli

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