Even if you missed the live 2017 Palooza, you can still catch this amazing recorded encyclopedia of 36 ADHD experts.

It’s truly a collection of the best information from the best experts in the field! If you only have one set of replays you are missing the other half of a twin package!” — Linda Roggli

  • How to Rise Above the ADHD “Dysfunction” and Soar
    Edward Hallowell, M.D.

  • When an Adult You Love Has ADHD
    Russell A. Barkley, Ph.D.

  • Emotion and ADHD
    Thomas E. Brown, Ph.D.

  • The Power of Exercise for ADHD Women
    John Ratey, M.D.

  • Special Risks for Girls + Women with ADHD
    Stephen Hinshaw, Ph.D.

  • Creating a Treatment and Life Plan that Works
    Ari Tuckman, Psy.D., MBA

  • Inattentive ADHD Women, Part Two
    Barbara Luther, MA, MCC

  • ADHD and Bipolar Disorder in Women
    Roberto Olivardia, Ph.D.

  • How to Calm the Anxious ADHD Female Brain
    J. Russell Ramsay, Ph.D.

  • 5 Strategies That Optimize My Time
    Rick Green

  • Why Does No One Like Me?
    Caroline Maguire

  • Quiet Your Mind and Get More DONE!
    Alan Brown

  • Do I Need an ADHD Coach (and Why?)
    David Giwerc, MCC, PCC

  • The Minority Report: ADHD Women of Color
    Evelyn Green

  • I have WHAT? Later Life ADHD Diagnosis
    Linda Roggli, PCC

  • Calmer, More Connected Relationships
    Melissa Orlov

  • ADHD in the Kitchen
    Terry Matlen, ACSW

  • Career and Life Planning for ADHD Women
    Wilma Fellman, M.Ed., LPC

  • Successful Coping Strategies for Life’s Biggest Challenges
    Sari Solden, MS, LMFT 

  • Why ADHD Women are So Likely to Feel Depressed
    Ellen Littman, Ph.D.

  • Seven Types of ADHD for Women
    Daniel Amen, M.D.

  • Beyond ADHD Medication Basics
    William Dodson, M.D.

  • ADDictions and ADHD
    Gabor Maté, M.D.

  • How, When, and Where of ADHD Diagnosis 
    Stephanie Sarkis, Ph.D.

  • Letting Go of Shame as an ADHD Woman
    Michelle Frank, Psy.D.

  • Emotional Impulsivity
    Anthony Rostain, M.D., MA

  • Combat Negativity and Thrive with ADHD
    Tara McGillicuddy

  • Communication and ADHD Women
    Mark Bertin M.D.

  • Top Productivity Strategies + Why they are Wrong
    Linda Walker, PCC

  • Tackling The Paper Piles With ADHD
    Nikki Kinzer

  • Apps that Really Work for ADHD Women
    Eric Tivers, LCSW, MMSW

  • ADHD, LGBTQ and Alternative Lifestyles
    Amanda Pasciucco

  • Is Your Working Memory Working?
    Jeff Copper, MBA, PCC

  • Special Challenges of Being an ADHD Mom
    Elaine Taylor-Klaus, CPCC

  • The Challenges of Returning to School
    Jodi Sleeper-Triplett, MCC, SCAC

  • Medication Advice for Women with ADHD
    Laurie Dupar, PMHNP

I have learned more from the previous Paloozas than I have anywhere else, either on the Internet or from doctors!

2016 & 2017 Palooza Participant

The great mix of speakers — speckled with some very long-term, well-known contributors to the field — was just the right draw to leave me pleased that I got sidetracked in. Even if my time was brief and my schedule was too tight (to hear all the sessions), I wanted to say how well set-up and organized the Palooza felt and how pleasing it was to take a detour off my scheduled tasks for some random moments!

2017 Palooza Participant

Thank you for your honesty, openness, energy, humor, compassion, expertise & all your hard work. You ladies made an amazing and complimentary team and I was so grateful to see and hear both of you!

2016 Palooza Participant

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